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Patches & Emblems FAQ

What is is partners. We provide best possible solutions for your needs of embroidered Patches & Emblems, Custom / Commercial Digitizing and Stock Designs sale.

What Type of Patches & Emblems offers? offers four types of Patches & Emblems, which are Customize embroidered patches & emblems, Personalized embroidered Name patches, Blank embroidered Patches and Decorative embroidered patches.

How can I determine the prices and size for Patches & Emblems?
To determine the price and size of a patch or emblem has a prices page, where you can find all the information for prices by size and quantities.

How can I know the coverage area for my patch / emblem?
To know the coverage area of your patch / emblem you can use our coverage chart, which illustrates the embroidery coverage area by percentage.

How can I select the thread and / or fabric colors and define those colors to be used for my patch / emblem?
To select thread colors and / or fabric colors for your patch / emblems you can use our Thread & Fabric chart, where we have listed the pantone color shades along with its reference numbers. You can define the selected colors in our free quote.

What type of backings are available for patches / emblems?
The types of backings available for patches / emblems are, one, Iron on ( heat activated adhesive) backing and second, Velcro stick on / off backing. For any other type of backing requirement please contact us. Stitchable ( without backing ) pacthes / emblems are also available.

What is a Free quote and how does it benefit me?
It is always good to know what you will have to pay for your patch / emblem, prior placing the confirm order. The information provided by you in this form helps us to gain a better knowledge of your needs and reduces the slitest margin of error.

How can I place an order?
To place an order you can use our order form. This form is considered as final confirmation from you. As we receive the confirm order, We will produce a real sample and send you a scan image of your patch, so that you can know exactly how your patch will look. After you approve the scan, via return email, we will manufacture your patches and ship them. Usually we send scanned sample within 24 hours, but it may take long depending on the technicality and complexity of the design itself.

How and when will I pay for my patches / emblems?
We offer two types of payment options within our order form. One, you can pay by Credit cards ( visa, Master, Amex ). Once you submit the order form with the selection of credit card payment option, you will be guided to the secure online payment page, where you will fill out the required information to make payment. You will see the same CNM USA, LLC on your credit card statement. If you select to pay through bank wire transfer, we will ship the order on confirmation from our bank. REFUNDS: Any refund will be subject to 15% deduction of the order cost.

What is your delivery method?
Our usual method of shipping is FedEx. We also use DHL, UPS and Airmail. The delivery time is calculated on the size, quantity, technicality and complexity of the patch/emblem designs. Shipping / transit time is on actual and is not included in the calculated delivery time. Shipping and handling cost are based on weight, destination and type of delivery requested and is charged on actual cost.

What is the diffrence between Library & Gallery? maintains its Library with ready to sell patch designs for most common catagories. You can select the patch design from our Library and order us to produce the desired quantity of your selected patch. Gallery lets you browse through the pages and get some ideas for the new patch you want to create, and then contact our professionals who are at your service with advice and information specific to your project.

If you have any other questions, feel free to Contact us.

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